L’attività di Osteria alle carceri resta sospesa a tempo indeterminato.

The origin

Osteria “Alle Carceri” was born in 10 May 2000. The building seems, in some misty evening, a lighted house of a north European town. Inside, you can find a parquet, an iron stair and lights for a homely atmosphere.

Philosophy and finality

Feuerbach wrote that a man is what he eats and we can say that a man, eating, can influence other men spreading tastes, trends, new couplings. Today we can see a culinary contamination. We “eat” other cultures, smells and flavours from differrent Country. The Osteria is a little prison that shut up a rustic and an international world.


The main products are seasonal and they arrive from Italy and different States of Europe.  Meat from Drumlin in Ireland; snails from Borgogne; goose from Palmanova (Udine); sturgeon from Viadano di Calvisano (Brescia); rice from Borgo San Siro (Pavia); Felicetti pasta from Predazzo (Trento); Planeta olive oil from Menfi (Agrigento); Maldon salt from Essex (UK); Venchi chocolate from Cuneo.