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Territory is the glass of a way of cooking. Territory for us has typical names for dishes: calf kidneys, cod, cotoletta alla Milanese (Milanese veal chop breaded), goose leg, snails. Territory is for us the ground where thousands of people have found their way of living.


Il territorio lombardo


Tradition offer dishes that follows the rhythm of the season. Pasta is home-made. Assortment of cured meats are served with marmalade and candied fruit or vegetables with mustard. Fish and vegetable dishes can be an alternative to grilled meat (filet, entrecote steak, sirloin steak). At the end sweets are home-made. The choice is between fondant, tiramisù, cake with cream and tart with fresh fruit and chocolate.


For lunch prices are: main course 8.00 €; second course 10.00 €; dessert 5.00 €

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